This integration provides support for defining and visualizing chargeback information. For example, cost models and target hierarchies, and automatically generating chargeback reports in different formats.


From TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.3.01, Chargeback for CLM is deprecated. For more information, see Deprecated and dropped features and components.

To integrate Chargeback with BMC - Cloud Lifecycle Management, perform the following task:

  1. In the console, navigate to the Additional Components tab under Administration > System > Maintenance.
  2. In the components table, click  (Install component) corresponding to the Integration with CLM component to install Integration with BMC - Cloud Lifecycle Management. The Install Integration with CLM screen is displayed.
    Complete the following steps to integrate Chargeback with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.
    1. Step 1 of 3: Overview: Click Next.
    2. Step 2 of 3: Configuration – Set the following properties and click Next.



      CLM Version

      Select the option for CLM version to integrate Chargeback with CLM 4.0/4.1/4.5/4.6.

      Platform Manager

      Host name

      Enter the host name for the Platform Manager.


      Enter the port number for the Platform Manager.

      Transport Type

      Select the transport protocol to use with Platform Manager.

      Need authentication

      If No is (pre)selected, you must change the selection to Yes. This allows you to specify the following Platform Manager authentication parameters:

      • Username: Enter the username of the authorized Platform Manager user.
      • Password: Enter the password for this username.
      • Login type: Select any one –
        • Regular: (Default) Provide regular Platform Manager privileges to the user authenticated above.
        • Impersonate: Impersonate Platform Manager privileges from another user for the user authenticated above.
        • Super user: Provide Administrator Platform Manager privileges to the user authenticated above.

      Chargeback options

      Select the following option:

      • Import Contract Lines and prices, and automatically configure the Chargeback module: Imports all contract and price related Chargeback data, and configures the Chargeback module for use with and integrated into TrueSight Capacity Optimization. Selecting this option also forces you to specify Enterprise CMDB connection parameters. (See note.)

      Cloud Services Tree

      This selection is based on what you choose in Chargeback Options, as described in the preceding property.

      Enterprise CMDB

      Host name

      Enter the Enterprise CMDB host name to use with Chargeback for TrueSight Capacity Optimization.


      Enter the port number to connect to the Enterprise CMDB.

      User name

      Enter the Enterprise CMDB user name.


      (Optional) Enter the password.

    3. Step 3 of 3: Hosts selection: Select the hosts from the table on which you want to run the CLM integration you just configured. By default, for Chargeback integration, you should use the primary scheduler host.
  3. To finish the configuration and integration process, click Proceed. The following events occur:
    • The Additional Components tab under Maintenance displays an operation in progress banner for as long as the process is under execution.
    • When processing is complete, the value in the Status column in the table changes from RUNNING to INSTALLED, and the row highlight turns to green from blue.
    • Chargeback for TrueSight Capacity Optimization is now integrated with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management version CLM 4.0/4.1/4.5/4.6.


The Chargeback feature integrated with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management requires Contract Lines to be created, therefore, you need to make an appropriate selection against “Add-on” in the Advanced Interface form of the Offering Definition dialog box under Requestable Services administration in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management:

  • If the cloud administrator wants the Request Offering (RO) price to appear in Chargeback reports, then you must select Yes against “Add-on”.
  • If the cloud administrator does not want the RO price to appear in Chargeback reports, then you must select No against “Add-on”.

For detailed information on the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management RO Definition UI, see Creating a requestable offering definition.

ETL tasks specific to Chargeback for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

After you integrate Chargeback with BMC - Cloud Lifecycle Management, two new BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management ETL extractor tasks are added to TrueSight Capacity Optimization.

For more information, see, BMC - Cloud Lifecycle Management. This ETL is responsible for all Chargeback related extractions. For example, Chargeback Tenants, SOIs, Services, Contracts, Contract Lines, Prices.

Where to go from here

After the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management ETL extractor tasks are executed, chargeback hierarchy, cost objects, cost model templates, cost models, cost rate and cost allocations are created in Chargeback. For more information, see Defining and viewing chargeback information.

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