Capacity-Aware Placement Advice API

The Capacity-Aware Placement Advice serviceallows you to perform consolidation activities on hardware infrastructures. By using the exposed methods, you can manage placement advice scenarios, create and use hypothetical candidates and targets, as well as monitor the status of the service obtaining its collected statistics, and retrieve the capacity status of all scenarios. You can also evaluate placement advice (based on capacity) for virtual machines on specific target infrastructures.

You can connect to the Capacity-Aware Placement Advice service by using a Java Client, which calls the desired methods via HTTP. This service is exposed by the Data Hub component, because of which it is located on the Data Hub server.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have valid user credentials in Base64-encoded format for the Authorization HTTP header. For more details, see Restful web services authentication.
  • Ensure that you are assigned the out-of-the-box ADMIN role.

Capacity-Aware Placement Advice API methods

This API allows a set of operations that are grouped in the following use case categories:

Usage examples

For some examples describing the use of this service, see Capacity-Aware Placement Advice API usage examples.

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Capacity-Aware Placement Advice API

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