BMC CLM view

The BMC CLM view enables you to view the capacity of cloud entities such as virtual clusters, network containers, compute and datastore pools, and pods in your cloud environment. It provides an overview of available capacity, utilization, trends, and residual capacity in terms of CPU, virtual CPU, memory, and data storage space for each logical cloud entity. It is based on cloud database structures and enables you to:

  • Track the capacity of each cloud entity in the cloud environment (pods, network containers, pools, and clusters)
  • Identify resource bottlenecks
  • Discover underutilized resources
  • Track resources that are, or will soon be, experiencing capacity shortfalls

Basic entities contained in a cloud are:

  • Pool: A collection of basic cloud objects such as virtual hosts, virtual clusters, and virtual resources.
  • Pod: A logical container that comprises one or more pools and the additional resources needed to create the cloud environment, such as network containers and storage infrastructure.
  • Network container: Provides a secure logical separation of resources within a pod.


From TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.3.01, the BMC CLM view is deprecated. For more information, see Deprecated and dropped features and components.


Ensure that the administrator has completed the following tasks:

For information about views in the TrueSight console, see Accessing and using capacity views in the TrueSight console.

To access the BMC CLM view, in the TrueSight console navigation pane, select  > Capacity > Views > Cloud > BMC CLM .

An example of the BMC CLM view

For more information about the pages in this view, see the following topics:

Certified data sources

The certified data sources for these views are:

You must configure and run one of these ETL modules to import data into the view.


If you are importing data from an ETL module other than the certified data source, then ensure that you have all the metrics populated in the ETL module so that the view shows the data.

Settings for the BMC CLM view

You can use the Settings page to configure the settings for all pages in the BMC CLM view. To access this page, on the BMC CLM view page, select   > Edit Settings.

Local settings

  • Setting to show alerts on systems whose forecasted days to saturation are under or equal to the specified threshold
  • Setting to specify the minimum number of days needed to calculate trends

The Optimizer Thresholds link opens the Thresholds page in the TrueSight Capacity Optimization console that enables you to view and manage the metric and indicator thresholds. For more information, see Configuring and managing thresholds for metrics and indicators .

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