Alerts page in the BMC CLM view

The BMC CLM view enables you to view and manage alerts that are configured on cloud entities from within the BMC CLM view itself.

The Alerts page in the BMC CLM view displays a list of cloud entities that have either approached or exceeded the BMC CLM alert thresholds.  The tab consists of an Alerts table that provides you with detailed information on such resources, including the reason for the alert. For more information about setting alert thresholds, see Configuring and managing thresholds for metrics and indicators.

To access this page, in the TrueSight console, select  Capacity > Views > Cloud > BMC CLM  and click the  Alerts tab.

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The following image shows an example of the Alerts tab displaying the Alerts table. 

An example of BMC CLM Alerts tab

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Viewing the Recommendations table

The Alerts tab contains the Recommendations table that displays the following information:

Recommendations table: Description of columns

Severity iconDisplays an icon depicting the type of alert severity.
NameName of the cloud entity over which the Alert Rule has been configured. Clicking on the cloud entity name takes you to the details page for the selected entity type. For example, if you click a cloud entity that is a Resource Pool, you are redirected to the details page for a Resource Pool under the vSphere Infrastructure View.
System TypeName of the system for which the recommendation is generated.
TypeDisplays the type of alert. For example, Forecasted saturation, Overallocated VMs and so on.
DescriptionDetailed description of the alert.

Using data filter and other controls in tables

You can export and filter the information that is displayed in tables to suit your need. For instance, you can show or hide columns, filter tables on particular domains, and so on.

For more information, see Exporting and filtering tables.

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