Troubleshooting workflow errors


When interacting with Incident Management using a web service, following workflow-related errors might occur that are returned to ProactiveNet or the calling application in the SOAP response header:

  • A required field: Contact Company error.
  • A required field error for a different field.

Ensure that the company is configured correctly. See, Creating incidents with no customer information.

Enable filter logging and execute the event again.

Open the filter log and see whether the required fields are populated. In addition to this, verify the data that is sent by looking at the TrueSight Infrastructure Management/ProactiveNet event log. See, Working with logs

Enable filter logs in BMC Incident Management.

To enable filter logging in BMC Incident Management:

  1. From the AR System Administration Console, open the Server Information form and navigate to the Log Files tab.  Check the Filter Log check box and click Apply.
  2. After the error is captured, selecting View opens the filter log.

Invalid CI information is captured in the work info activities

  • If the CI is invalid, the reconciliation identity that was provided is saved to the work info.
  • If the product categorizations are invalid, they are written to the work info.
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