Troubleshooting event propagation


Single-click integration validation fails for the Check event propagation to gateway test or Events are not propagated to the integration gateway.

  • Verify whether the integration with Remedy IT Service Management (Remedy ITSM) is configured correctly in the TrueSight Infrastructure Management console / BMC ProactiveNet Operations Console > Options > Administration > Integrations with other BMC products section.
  • Verify whether the details such as the Remedy Mid Tier host name, port number, AR server host name, port number, username and password are correct.
  • For Level 1 and Level 2 use cases, ensure that the propagation policy is enabled in the TrueSight Infrastructure Management/ BMC ProactiveNet Administration Console.


With TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3.02, an out-of-the-box propagation policy named, OneClick_BSR_OOB_Policy_For_Propogating_Events is automatically created in the Administrator console.

Each time you run the one-click validation check, this policy is automatically enabled and later disabled when the validation check is completed.

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