Troubleshooting BMC Service Resolution integration

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BMC Service Resolution integration fails when you integrate it through the
BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management/BMC ProactiveNet Operations Console interface.

The following exception is logged in the
BMC_ProactiveNet_HOME\pw\pronto\logs\ProactiveNet.Log file
if a valid SSL certificate is not found on the
BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management/BMC ProactiveNet server.

ERROR 10/08 15:54:24
jserver [ajp-bio-] 
Execption while checking IT system 
PKIX path building failed:
SunCertPathBuilderException: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
Import valid SSL certificates to

The Check Incident validation test fails during integration validation.
The eventintegrator.log file shows that the incident was created
but the ibrsdarplugin.log file shows errors.

Although the incident is created in Remedy IT Service Management (Remedy ITSM), the incident information is not received in BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management/BMC ProactiveNet.

Reason: The port number listed is not the port number that the BMC TrueSight Central server is listening on.

Solution: Typically, the port is 443 or 80.

Confirm which port number BMC TrueSight server is actually listening on.

Restart the Service Desk Integration Gateway service.

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