Replacing or adding incident relationships

Using Remedy IT Service Management, you can replace or add incident relationships whenever you modify or add a Causal or a Service CI. Incident Management enables you to preserve the older incident relationships in the Relationships table on the Incident form. Consider a situation where you have created an incident and associated a Causal CI to it. The Relationships table reflect this relationship. However, you later realize that there is another Causal CI for this incident and therefore you want to update the incident relationship.

To replace or add incident relationships

  1. On the Incident form, modify the CI+ field by selecting a different CI from the drop-down list. A confirmatory dialog box appears.
  2. To preserve the older relationships, click Yes.

  3. To replace the older relationships with the new, click No.

    Best Practice

    BMC recommends that you preserve the older incident relationships as they would provide useful information. When you retain the older relationships, you have a trail of relationship information and you can know how you arrived at the decision and how each CIs are related to each other.

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  1. Michael Sumrell

    Hello. I have an Incident Search question related to Incident Relationships.

    I want to know if it's possible to create an ITSM Remedy Incident Management report for finding all Incidents in our ticketing system that have any "Relationships" added to them. The Relationship could be another Incident or an Infrastructure Change request.

    The "Search Incident" form does not seem to be able to include searching specifically for Incident tickets with related Incidents or Infrastructure Changes.

    If you could point me towards the correct Report Console form to use to accomplish this search, I would appreciate the assistance.

    Mike Sumrell

    Jul 27, 2020 03:03