The planning resources in this section help to ensure that you are successful in your implementation of the BMC Service Resolution solution. The following table lists the planning goals and activities necessary to implement the solution for the first time.

Your planned level of adoption and the versions of your constituent products determine your implementation process. Recent versions of Remedy IT Service Management (Remedy ITSM) and TrueSight Operations management include the properties necessary to implement BMC Service Resolution. Following installation of the constituent products requires only a simple configuration to enable Level 1 of the solution. Enabling more mature levels of adoption requires that you install additional component products. The following flow diagram provides an overview of the implementation process for BMC Service Resolution. The table that follows it provides actions items and links to resources that can help you complete that phase of the implementation.

What are the constituent products?

The constituent products include Remedy ITSM and one of the following event management products:

  • TrueSight Operations Management
  • ProactiveNet


Implementation activityAction itemsResources
1Determine the target service resolution level for your environment.Review the levels of implementation and your current level of capability.

BMC Service Resolution levels

Accessing your current level of capability

Evolve; don't skip

2Determine if the two constituent products are already present in your environment.

If you have already installed some of the required component products for your environment, verify that the installed components are compatible for this version of BMC Service Resolution.

Supported products and versions
3If you have not installed the constituent products for the solution, install the latest versions of Remedy IT Service Management and TrueSight Operations Management.
  1. Review the planning documentation for each of the constituent products.
  2. Complete the installation for the two constituent products.

TrueSight Operations Management 11.0 deployment Open link

Remedy IT Service Management 9.1 deployment Open link

If you have installed the TrueSight Operations Management 10.5 or later or Remedy IT Service Management 9.1.01 or later, configure the solution.

Configure TrueSight Operations Management to enable BMC Service Resolution.

Enabling BMC Service Resolution on TrueSight Operations Management

If you have installed TrueSight Operations Management 10.1.x or earlier or Remedy IT Service Management 9.1.00 or earlier, install BMC Service Resolution.

Install the BMC Service Resolution solution. Ensure that you perform the post-installation tasks.

4If you installed the recent versions of the constituent products, enable the solution.Configure the event management component to enable the solution.Enabling BMC Service Resolution on TrueSight Operations Management

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