Overview of the BMC Service Resolution solution

BMC Service Resolution is a solution that detects and registers infrastructure incidents and application/service-aware incidents, informing you proactively of issues in the IT environment—for example, when a server is not responding, the Payroll Application is impacted or the Consumer Banking Service is slowing down.

It then passes this information to the service desk, even before your users begin calling in to report a problem. Whether it’s an outage, a slowdown, or a memory shortage, you can act on the incident and initiate a change process to solve the issue before a more serious problem occurs.

This solution optimizes the way event-generation and incident-creation processes operate together to manage your IT. Further, service resolution can be used for problem management. BMC Service Resolution also helps the business executives in making intelligent decisions. These decisions help improve availability, reliability, and feasibility considerations for operations-to-strategic projects.

Refer to the following diagram to understand the process overview of BMC Service Resolution.

BMC Service Resolution supports the following ITIL v3 activities for Incident Management; starting from issue identification to closure of an incident ticket:

  • Identification - Detect or report the incident
  • Registration -  Register the incident in an Incident Management System
  • Categorization - Categorize the incident by priority, SLA attributes
  • Prioritization - Prioritize the incident for better utilization of the resources and the Support Staff time
  • Assessment - Reveal the full symptoms of the incident
  • Escalation - Escalate to other organizational units if the Support Staff needs their support
  • Investigation and diagnosis - Investigate and find out the root cause if no existing solution from the past could be found
  • Resolution and recovery - Resolve the incident after the solution is found
  • Incident closure - Provide the end-status of the incident in the registry entry of the incident in the Incident Management System to close the incident

BMC Intelligent Ticketing is a part of BMC Service Resolution. BMC Intelligent Ticketing includes issue identification, detection, and assessment.

What products comprise BMC Service Resolution?

BMC Service Resolution is an end-to-end solution that integrates event management with incident management. This integration enables optimum interaction and collaboration between these systems. It does not just focus on creating an incident for every event, but instead, based on the level of maturity of your IT infrastructure, transforms the infrastructure events into a set of related infrastructure incidents and impact incidents that can be routed and managed to closure.

The following table identifies the features of event and incident management.

Event ManagementIncident Management
  • Focuses on events.
  • Leverages an event's correlation with configuration item (CI).
  • Validates and reports impacted items.
  • Manages the life-cycle of an event.
  • Focuses on incidents. 
  • Events are details that enrich an incident.
  • Incidents are intended to capture all related information that ultimately leads to identifying and resolving the root cause of a reported issue. 
  • Manages the life-cycle of an incident.

What are BMC Service Resolution levels?

The level of interaction is established based on the maturity of the event monitoring system. BMC Service Resolution support three levels of service resolution.

  • Level 1—Event-based service resolution. Event incidents are created without CI information.
  • Level 2—Infrastructure-based service resolution. Infrastructure incidents are created with CI information.
  • Level 3—Impact-model-based service resolution. Based on the policy, a Causal incident or a Causal and Impacted incident with impact relationships is created.

For more information, see BMC Service Resolution levels.

How does BMC Service Resolution work end to end?

BMC Service Resolution provides an end-to-end capability that combines four components to generate robust content and context-rich tickets. Although not all of the four components are required to get the benefits, together they provide a more efficient solution. Typically, the number of components that are involved depends upon the maturity of your organization and IT infrastructure.

The following diagram shows how BMC Service Resolution integrates various BMC systems:

Automated Discovery

  • Determine what your application or service actually depends on versus what you think it depends on.
  • Define a simple static model.

Configuration Management Database

  • Establish a single source of truth for your model.
  • Enrich your discovered infrastructure or application model with services.

Event Management

  • Monitor and correlate events that impact your application or service.
  • Enhance your Impact model.

IT Service Management

  • Integrate proactive event monitoring/management.
  • Enable Impact incidents.

Use these components to evolve your ticketing system and service resolution levels. For more information, see the "Evolve! Don't skip!" best practice in Best practices.

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