Mapping information from ProactiveNet event slots to the HPD:ServiceInterface form fields

There are 10 generic Temp fields (Temp_Value1, Temp_Value2, ... Temp_Value10) in the file that can be used to extend the integration between ProactiveNet and Remedy IT Service Management (Remedy ITSM). The fields from the file map to the fields in the HPD_IncidentServiceInterface web service. The web service fields then map to the HPD:ServiceInterface form fields. You can create custom workflow on the fields to store information sent from ProactiveNet.

For example, If you have event-specific criteria that determine to which group the resulting ticket will get assigned to, you must map assignment information available in the ProactiveNet event slots to the HPD:ServiceInterface fields. You then add workflow on the temp fields to set the appropriate assignment fields on the interface form.

The following sections provide example for creating required mappings.

Example - To customize mappings in ProactiveNet

  1. Map the assigned group fields from BMC ProactiveNet to the Remedy ITSM form.
    Open and edit the BMC_ProactiveNet_Home/integration/ibrsd_home/conf/ file.
  2. Search for the BEMUseCaseNEW string in this file.
  3. Search for the following section in this map:

    $if(slot.integration_version = "ITV3") 
    Event_Details=$Format("Host=%s\nHost Class=%s\nHost 
    Address=%s\nObject=%s\nObject Class=%s\nParameter=%s\nParameter 
    Value=%s\nLocation=%s \n Event with Severity: %s, Priority: %s, Status %s 
  4. Below this code block, add the following lines:
    • Temp_Value1= <value to be assigned for this slot>
      For example: you can assign a hard-coded value or a dynamic value as follows:

      Temp_Value1= “Group1”

      Temp_Value2= “BPPM Generated Event”

      Temp_Value3= “Support Org1”

  5. Restart the Service Desk Integration Gateway service.


In TrueSight Infrastructure Management (earlier known as ProactiveNet), the file is located in the <INSTALL-DIR>\pw\ntegrations\ibrsd\conf directory. Before upgrading TrueSight Infrastructure Management, back up the file. After the upgrade, you can refer to the file that you backed up, and perform your customization in the new file.

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