Governing incidents by changing the status

With BMC Service Resolution, incidents created from the event-management product can be governed by Incident Management. By setting the incident status to In Progress from the Assigned state in Incident Management, you can ensure that any Status, Urgency, and Impact updates made in the event-management product, do not change the status of the incidents in Incident Management.

Updates triggered by the event-management product are updated in the Work Details tab on the Incident Form, but they don't reflect in the Status, Urgency, and Impact fields on the Incident form.

Event-management products

TrueSight Infrastructure Management


The following diagram illustrates how the incident is governed in Incident Management:

To enable Incident governance by updating the status

  1. Update the global configuration rule to allow incident management to manage incident governance. For more information, see Configuring incident governance


    This step must be performed as part of configuring BMC Service Resolution solution.

  2. Open the incident in the Incident form. 
  3. Select In Progress in the Status field. 
  4. Save the changes.

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