Extending your system capabilities

This section provides information about extending your system capabilities by performing certain customizations.

About customizing the mapping files

With version 11.3.02 of TrueSight Infrastructure Management, the following files are automatically backed up to help you recover changes made previously.

When you restart the SDIG service for the first time, a backup folder is created at <installationDirectory>\pw\ntegrations\ibrsd\conf and the original mapping files are saved. Each time you customize one or more of the following files and restart the SDIG service, a backup of the changed file is saved under the backup folder.

The backed up files are saved in the format, <fileName>_YYYY-MMM-DD_HH-MM:SS. For example, IBRSD_2018-Oct-21_22-39:41.conf.

After customizing the files, if you face unexpected problems or errors, you can use the last working file saved under the backup folder.

  • DefaultMapping.map
  • outage.map
  • RemedyForceDefaultMapping.map
  • IBRSD.conf


In the DefaultMapping.map file, you can modify existing property values or add custom properties. But, you must not delete any properties. Deleting the properties might result in the integration to stop working.

The following topics are provided:

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