Event-based service resolution

Event-based is the first level of BMC Service Resolution.

With event-based service resolution, for every event reported by a BMC event-management product, an incident is created. Even if the event-management product is not using a CMDB, or not leveraging the correlation engine to associate the event with the CI, an incident is created with event information. Using the operational categories, the incident can be routed to the appropriate group for investigation.


Event-based service resolution uses the Event_Propagation_To_Remedy_Help_Desk policy, which applies to critical events. For information about enabling this policy, see Enabling a sample policy to create enhanced incidents.

Event-management products

TrueSight Infrastructure Management


Using a sample scenario, the following diagram illustrates the event-based use case.

  1. A monitoring tool detects a degradation in the response time of a router.
  2. An alert is triggered and routed to the event-management product (ProactiveNet or TrueSight Infrastructure Management).
  3. The event along with the recorded operational categories for this type of event are used to create an event incident through the Remedy Service Desk interface.
  4. The incident is assigned to the appropriate support group based on the operational categories. See Incident routing using operational categories.
  5. After the router issue gets resolved, the appropriate work note is updated with the details. By resetting the router.
  6. In ProactiveNet or TrueSight Infrastructure Management, the event alert is cleared. 
  7. Incident status is updated to Resolved in Incident Management.

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