Enabling an out-of-the-box event propagation policy

The global propagation policy is applicable to all the configuration items (CIs) and supports Level 1 and Level 2 of Service Resolution. The IBRSD.All_Critical_Events is the global event propagation policy that is used to create incidents for all critical events when using BMC Service Resolution.

You can also create a propagation policy as per your business requirement. To create a global propagation policy, see Creating a new propagation policy in the BMC ProactiveNet 9.6 online documentation. After you create a propagation policy, you must enable it so that incidents are created when that policy is applied. 

To enable the default event propagation policy

  1. Open the ProactiveNet Administrator Console. 
  2. From the Administration tab, for the IBRSD propagation policy, select All_Critical_Events.
  3. Select the Enabled check box.
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