Creating incidents by passing a template reference

A template is a predefined process that provides default settings for your forms. As an administrator, you can create templates for your users so that they can more easily create incident requests. Templates are useful in a request that follows well-defined methods for specific and repeated requirements. You can create as many templates as you want. Create templates only for standardized processes that your users perform on a frequent basis. Templates allow end users to use standard business processes and increase automation and value.

For information about creating and configuring incident templates, see Creating templates and Configuring Incident Management templates.

The user defined values always take precedence over values defined in the template. For example, say that you have populated operational categories in a template as "Request", "Service", and "Create." While creating an incident, if you specify the operational categories as "Request", "Service", and "Modify;" the incident takes in the values you specified instead of the values specify in the template.

To pass a template reference during incident creation, you must know the template instance ID that uniquely identifies a template.This ID is a unique integer that is added when a template is created.

To pass a template reference

  1. On the Remedy IT Service Management (Remedy ITSM) server, perform the following:
    1. Create a template or use an existing template. See Creating templates.
    2. Obtain the template instance ID. See To obtain the template instance ID.
  2. On the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management/BMC ProactiveNet server, perform the following:
    1. Open and edit the BMC_ProactiveNet_Home/integration/ibrsd_home/conf/ file. 
    2. Specify the template instance ID value as follows:

      #template_incident_id={specify template instance ID here}
  3. Restart the Service Desk Integration Gateway service.

Obtaining the template instance ID

 You need the template instance ID to create a report of templates and their instance IDs.

To obtain the template instance ID

  1. Open the HPD:Template form directly in the browser. Use a URL in the following format:

  2. In the Incident Template form, search for relevant records.
  3. Select a record from the search result list and click Report.
  4. In the Report console that appears, click New Report.
  5. In the New Report dialog box, from the Type list, select Web for the template type.
  6. In the Name field, enter Incident Template ID (so that it can be reused in the future) and click OK.
  7. In the Report Definition screen, from the Available Fields list, select Instance ID and add it to the Column list.
  8. Click Save and then click Back.
  9. In the Report Console, click Run.
  10. From the list of displayed records, select and copy the Instance ID.
  11. Open the file and add the copied instance ID to the file.
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