Consolidating events

You can consolidate multiple, related events for the same configuration item into one incident instead of creating several incidents. This option makes incident management easier, because the number of incidents is reduced. The event details are added to the work log information of the open incident. This option is also useful when you have custom policies defined in a way that creates two incidents for major and critical events. Selecting to consolidate events creates a single incident instead of two.

Consider a scenario in which for a database server, an incident is generated for high CPU utilization, and another incident is created for low disk space on the server. Because the events are for the same CI the database server, it makes sense to create a single incident for the related events. An incident is created for the first event; for the second event, the work log of the incident is updated. The incident is resolved when all the related events are closed.

This feature is applicable to Level 2 of Intelligent Ticketing. You can consolidate events into incidents when the BEM propagation policy is triggered with the CI and Event information.

To consolidate events into a single incident

  1. From the Application list on the left side of the page, click Administrator Console > Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Incident Management > Advanced options > Rules.
  2. On the Incident Rules form, for the Consolidate Events option, select Yes.

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