Configuring incident governance

To allow Incident Management to govern the status of incidents created by BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management/BMC ProactiveNet, you have to update the incident governance behavior. This update is applicable only to merged causal CI incidents. To define incident governance, you have to update the BMC Intelligent Incident global configurations. For information about how the Incident Management governs the behavior due to this setting, see Governing incidents by changing the status.

When the global governance is set to Manage, the life cycle of the incident is managed by the event management system. This means that whatever values are updated by the service desk agent for the status, urgency, and impact fields will be overwritten by the event management system.

However, if the global governance setting is set to Update, after the incident is moved out of the Assigned state, all subsequent information about the event will be updated in the work details of the incident.

For information about configuring the action when a CI status changes, see Managing service policies.

To configure incident governance

  1. From the Application list on the left side of the page, click Administrator Console > Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Incident Management > Advanced options > Rules.
  2. On the Incident Rules form, perform any one of the following:
    • Manage — If the Status, Urgency, and Impact fields on the Causal Incident are all changed whenever BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management/BMC ProactiveNet provides updates for these fields. This mode is the default.

    • Update — If the status of the Causal Incident is set to either In Progress or Pending. Updates from BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management/BMC ProactiveNet are captured in the work details of the Causal Incident instead of directly modifying the Status, Impact, or Urgency fields. This mode ensures that after the Service Desk agent takes control of the ticket, the agent maintains and governs any updates to the Status, Impact, and Urgency fields of that Causal Incident.

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