Configuring BMC Service Resolution in multi server deployment of ​BMC ProactiveNet

You can configure BMC Service Resolution in a multi-server deployment model of ProactiveNet. In a multi-server deployment, a central ProactiveNet server communicates with several child servers.

For information about installing and configuring BMC Service Resolution in this deployment model, see Configuring BMC Service Resolution in multi server deployment model of BMC TrueSight.

Information flow between ProactiveNet and Remedy ITSM

The Remedy IT Service Management (Remedy ITSM) server does not push incident event information to ProactiveNet. ProactiveNet servers now pull the information using a web service.

The following diagrams illustrate the information flow:

Information flow for publishing CIs
Information flow for incident creation and policy configuration
  1. CI information is published from CMDB to the ProactiveNet servers.
  2. When an event occurs on a ProactiveNet server, an incident request is sent to the Remedy ITSM server for incident creation.
  3. Periodically, the ProactiveNet server pulls the incident info event from the Remedy ITSM server using a web service.

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