Starting DELTA IMS

You must start DELTA IMS after you complete the other configuration tasks that are described in this section.
  1. Update the IMS control or DBCTL region and DLI SAS, if applicable, to include the APF-authorized library in the STEPLIB concatenation. The APF-authorized library must precede the IMS RESLIB in the STEPLIB concatenation.


    BMC recommends that you execute the IMS system from a STEPLIB or JOBLIB.

    If it is unacceptable at your site to execute IMS from a STEPLIB or JOBLIB, you must use ddname BMCRESLB to allocate the IMS RESLIB that is accessed from the LINKLIST to IMS.

  2. Start BMCLINK.

    BMCLINK allows users to communicate with an IMS system. TSO-based users of IMS and DELTA IMS do not have to run on the same CPU. Start the BMCLINK job (or started task) on each CPU where an IMS system that is serviced by DELTA IMS will run. DLACNTL member DLA#LINK provides sample JCL for BMCLINK.


    BMC recommends that you stop BMCLINK before shutting down IMS. If you attempt to execute a DELTA List after issuing a /CHKPT FREEZE or DUMPQ, a user abend 168 will occur if the DELTA Log is not updated in time. Stopping BMCLINK before shutting down IMS will prevent any last-minute execution of DELTA IMS.

  3. Process the CPU ID password (either bypass or permanent) that will allow DELTA IMS to work.

    For more information, see the Installation System documentation.


    A separate password is required for DELTA IMS for DBCTL.

  4. Cold start IMS.

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