Creating View Profiles

View Profiles allow user customization of the keyword names and descriptions used when editing DELTA Lists.

You can change the defaults for, or prohibit use of, individual fields. You can also enforce standards for DELTA Lists created at a given location or site.

If you are installing DELTA PLUS for the first time, you need to create default View Profile members. If you are using UPF security, you need to create the default View Profile members DLAKWTnn for DELTA PLUS VIRTUAL TERMINAL or DDCKWTnn for DELTA IMS for DBCTL, where nn is from the applicable UPF record. If you are using SAF security, you need to create a View Profile member named DEFAULT.

Panel flow

There are three ways to create a new View Profile: use the DELTA PLUS defaults, copy the values for a new View Profile from an existing View Profile, or use a conversion utility to convert existing DELTA IMS keyword tables into DELTA PLUS View Profiles.

For more information about View Profiles, see the DELTA PLUS User Guide.

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