Completing BMC System Administration for IMS customization

This section describes customizing BMC System Administration for IMS.
  1. Ensure that the common load library that contains code for all products is APF-authorized before starting any of the newly-created started tasks.
  2. Install and configure the BMCP subsystem.

    The installation process created a default started task called BMCP, which is located in the IPTSAMP library. Copy the BMCP started task into your SYSx proclib. Ensure that the IPTLIB library is APF-authorized before starting the subsystem.

    For information about operating the BMCP subsystem, see Operating subsystems and product servers.

  3. Run IPTCNTL(#ASMCOPT) to assemble and link the CPCOPT macro into the IPTLIB library.
  4. Copy the newly-created members from IPTSAMP to your SYSx proclib. Based on your installation selections, four new members were created. Copy the cpcxUIM, cpcx, and cpcxIPT members to the SYSx proclib.
  5. Customize the Log Analyzer ISPF interface.

    Log Analyzer includes a sample CLIST that you can use to invoke the Log Analyzer ISPF interface. This CLIST provides dynamic access to Log Analyzer libraries (through LIBDEF instructions) and displays the main menu of the Log Analyzer ISPF interface. You must configure the CLIST to point to the installed Log Analyzer libraries. You can also preset ISPF profile variables for the interface.

    1. Copy member LUICI@00 of the SAMP library to your system CLIST library.
    2. Edit member LUICI@00.
      • Change all instances of BMCNODE to the high-level qualifier <hlq> that was used to allocate the Log Analyzer libraries.

        The <hlq> is your user ID unless you changed the value of the PROFILE keyword in the job that expanded the installation image.

      • Change all instances of prd to the appropriate value based on whether you chose merged libraries or non-merged libraries during installation.


        For more information about merged and non-merged libraries, see the product installation guide.

        • If you chose merged libraries, change prd to IM.

        • If you chose non-merged libraries, change prd to LUI.

      Save the changes to member LUICI@00.

    3. (optional) Preset profile variables.

      You can preset profile variables for all users of the interface. Edit member LUIZUSER of the PLIB library as explained in the comments.

    4. Test the CLIST by entering the following command on any ISPF panel that accepts TSO commands:

      TSO %LUICI@00

      The Log Analyzer logo panel is displayed. When you press Enter, the Log Analyzer Main Menu is displayed.

  6. When you complete the installation of the UIM server and CPC environments and copy the UIM- and CPC-related tasks to your SYSx proclib, you can start the product address spaces (i.e., MVS command S cpcx). This will automatically start your CPC-related product address space (i.e., cpcxIPT).

    Once both address spaces have initialized, start the UIM server (for example, S cpcxUIM).

    For information about operating the UIM server, see Operating the UIM server.

  7. Install the console.

    For more information, see Customizing the console.

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