This documentation supports the 9.1 version of BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment.

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Troubleshooting installer failure during upgrade

During upgrade, a group of background processes are disabled until the upgrade completes. See Processes automated during upgrade.

This is handled by the Operating-Mode server setting. During upgrade, the value of Operating-Mode is set to 1 or 2 based on whether the installer is running on the primary or secondary server, respectively. This is applicable to all Remedy installers. However, if the installer crashes or aborts unexpectedly, the background processes may not be restored to their pre-upgrade settings. This requires that the Operating-Mode is set to value 0, the normal mode of operating. 

To restore the background processes to their pre-upgrade values

  1. Double-click the javadriver.bat (Windows) and (Unix) file. The file is located at the following location: 
    • (Windows) <InstallDirectory>\ARSystem\Arserver\api\lib
    • (UNIX) <InstallDirectory>/api/lib


      Ensure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable points to the JRE path.

  2. To initialize, enter the init command.
  3. To log on, enter the log command and provide details such as user name, password, and server name. 
  4. If you are not using the port mapper, enter the ssp (Set Server Port) command and then enter the server port number.
  5. Enter 0 or a blank for Using private socket
  6. Enter the ver command to verify the login information.
  7. Enter the ssi(Set Server Info) command and perform the following: 
    1. Enter 1 for the Number of server info operations that you want to perform.
    2. Enter 463 as the Operation number to set the server to the operating mode.
    3. Enter 2 for integer as the Datatype
    4. Enter 0 or 1 as the Integer Value.
    Command: ssi
    	Number of server info operations (0): 1   
    		Operation (1-605) (1):463
    Datatype Null/Key/Int/Real/Char/DiaryList/Enum/Time/Bitmask/Byte   
    		coords/view/display (0 - 14, 30-34, 40-43) (0): 2
    Integer Value (0): 0
    Set Server Information Status
    ReturnCode: OK
    Status List : 0 items

The ar.cfg is populated with pre-upgrade values.

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