This documentation supports the 9.1 version of BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment.

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Migrating User form and CTM:People form data

When you migrate data from version 9.1 and later, the Delta Data Migration utility does not migrate data for CTM:People and User forms because the encryption format for AR password (encrypted data) fields is changed.

If the Delta Data Utility migrates the data and overwrites the password field data, you need to manually fix the password.

Before you begin

Before migrating to 18.05.00 or later versions, for the AR System Server Read or Floating license types, ensure that the application license type is same as the AR System Server license type. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Login to the source server as a system administrator.
  2. Open the CTM:People Form and search for People records.
  3. Select a User from the list and click Login/Access Details.
    You will notice the License Type is set to Floating or Read.
  4. In the Application Permission section, click Update Permission Group.
  5. From the Permissions Group list, for which the License Type is not set to Floating, select and update the Permission Group to Floating or Read, accordingly.

To migrate User form and CTM:People form data

Perform the following steps to migrate data for CTM:People and User forms:

  1. Export the User and CTM:People form data from Mid Tier.
    Or use the  AR Export utility  to export data.
    For example:
    • arexport.bat -u "User name" -x "Server name" -p "password" -t portnumber -form "User" -datafile "sample file path\userdata.arx" -q "'6' >= ""epoch timestamp of DDM date"""
    • arexport.bat -u "User name"  -x "Server name" -p "password" -t portnumber  -form "CTM:People" -datafile "sample file path\peopledata.arx" -q "'6' >= ""epoch timestamp of DDM date"""
  2. Using  Data Import  tool, import the User and CTM:People data that is exported in Step#1.

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