This documentation supports the 9.1 version of BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Installing BMC Atrium Core 9.1.04

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  • You must install or upgrade to a minimum version of BMC Remedy AR System server 9.1.04 before you install BMC Atrium Core 9.1.04.
  • The BMC Atrium Core 9.1.04 installer is stand-alone in nature. You do not require an installation of BMC Atrium Core 9.1.00 as a prerequisite to installing BMC Atrium Core 9.1.04.

  • (UNIX) You must install the bc utility on a UNIX computer before you run the BMC Atrium Core 9.1.04 installer.

  • To connect to the AIntRepository on the BMC Remedy AR System server 9.1.04. run the Atrium Integrator 9.1.04 client installer to deploy BMC Atrium Integrator Spoon.

Before you begin 

Best practice

Choose different installation directories for the AR System server and for BMC Atrium Core. BMC recommends that you accept the default installation directory that is provided for these products during installation. Choose different directories for your AR System server and BMC Atrium Core. If you install both of these products in the same directory, certain library errors might occur. 

Make sure that no users are logged in to the AR System server during the installation.

Installing BMC Atrium Core 9.1.04

If you are installing the product for the first time, see Installing BMC Atrium Core. If you are installing this version as an upgrade, see Upgrading BMC Atrium Core. 

You can update a specific feature or all features with the installer. 

  • If you previously installed any features by using the original BMC Atrium Core 9.1.00 installer, the check boxes for these features are automatically selected when you run a service pack installer. If you leave the check boxes selected, the features are upgraded. If you clear the check boxes, the features are not upgraded, but they remain on your computer.
  • If you install any features by using BMC Atrium Core service pack installer (instead of the release 9.1.00 installer), and then you use that service pack installer again to install another feature on the same computer, the check boxes for the previously installed features are selected. These features are not re-installed, but the installer checks for missing files and restores them if necessary. 

Validating the installation of version 9.1.04

To validate the installation of BMC Atrium Core 9.1.04, check to see if the following changes have occurred:  

  • The Version application property against each component of BMC Atrium Core on the SHARE:Application_Properties form is set to  
  • The Patch application property on the SHARE:Application_Properties form is reset to 000000 if you had previously installed a patch such as
  • The version number on the BMC Atrium Core console is set to (To view the version number, click About on the BMC Atrium Core console.)

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