This documentation supports the 9.1 version of BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment.

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Ensuring that you have enough transactional log space for an upgrade

Before upgrading, ensure that you have enough transactional log space for the upgrade. During the upgrade, production dataset record data is copied from the BMC Atrium CMDB BMC.CORE:BMC_BaseElement form to a new AST:Attributes form, for which adequate transactional space is required.


Data update jobs are run for all applications, so complete the following procedure even if you do not plan to use the multi-tenancy feature.

To ensure that you have enough transactional log space for an upgrade

  1. Determine the largest BMC Remedy AR System database table based on the application forms on your system.
  2. Calculate the transaction log space required:
    Size of the largest table in the database +  20% of the size of that table.
    Use the new value to set the size of the database transaction log or undo tablespace. (Hint: Update the UNDOTBLSP setting.)
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  1. Sirisha Dabiru

    Hi Bjorn Calabuig,

    Here is the response for the following comment:


    You are talking about upgrading.

    But where to find all the needed database considerations information prior to install ARS 9.x? We found some links, but information is very disperse.

    We want to install a fresh ARS9x using an Oracle DB.

    Please, could you provide all information we should pass to DB-Team so they can create the DB that the installers (ARS9.x, ITSM9.x,...) will ask for?

    Refer to the Preparing your database topic before installing Remedy components.

    In every installation topic, reference to the database preparation is provided. For example, In the Installing BMC Remedy AR System topic, see step 5.



    Mar 07, 2019 05:40