This documentation supports the 9.1 version of BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment.

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BMC Remedy Migrator memory usage and disk space requirements

Before installing Migrator, ensure that you have a Microsoft Windows server with a minimum of  2 CPUs, 4 GBs of memory, and 40 GBs of free disk space.

BMC Best practices for Delta Data Migration (DDM)

If you plan to use the Delta Data Migration (DDM) tool, which is bundled with BMC Remedy Migrator, BMC recommends that you install BMC Remedy Migrator on a standalone Windows server. Install in the same LAN as the destination BMC Remedy AR System Server but not on the source (current production) or destination (production staging) AR System servers. If the Windows server resides outside of the LAN segment, BMC recommends that you deploy a separate server for the Delta Data Migration tool, and that you run that server on the same LAN segment as the current production and staging servers.

Alternatively, if you do not have an additional Windows server, you can use the mid tier server in the production staging environment as the host for BMC Remedy Migrator and the Delta Data Migration tool. Ensure that the mid tier is disabled when you migrate your delta data.

To avoid performance issues, do not install any other application on the computer where the BMC Remedy Migrator is installed.

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