This documentation supports the 9.1 version of BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

BMC Remedy ITSM Suite components and installers

This topic explains how to obtain the files that you need for installation or upgrade from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site. To understand which files you are entitled to download based on the licenses that you purchased, see  License overview  in the BMC Remedy AR System documentation. 

Installation map

The following image illustrates where you install or upgrade the BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) Suite components.

When to download a service pack or patch

For a fresh installation or an upgrade, check the release notes to determine the latest update and then download the following:

  • The latest release or the latest service pack (if available)  
    When you are perform a fresh installation or upgrade, a service pack installer will install or upgrade the full product. For example, when you install version  9.1.01, it installs version 9.1.00 along with enhancements that were made in 9.1.01 (Service Pack 1).
  • Any patches that are available for the release or service pack
    Patches are not full installers and must be applied over the latest full installation (release or a service pack). You must then apply the latest patch available, for example, which would contain the most recent fixes as well as the fixes from the previous patch, Patch 1. 
  • Any hotfixes that are available for known issues

If you sign up for  Proactive notification , you will be notified about new service packs or patches for applying the latest changes, as well as bulletins about critical fixes.

Downloading products

This section explains how to download one or more BMC Remedy ITSM applications using the direct links.


Before downloading the installers from the EPD, ensure that you can log on to by using your Support user ID and password. If you are accessing this site for the first time, create a new EPD profile to specify the languages and platforms that you want to download. For assistance with EPD, see EPD site help  .

  1. From the List of installers table, click the link for the product that you want to install.
    The product EPD links page appears for the given product as displayed in the following snapshot. 
  2. To view platform specific installation links, click the Platform drop-down box and select the required platform.
  3. To download patch installers for the released product, click Patches.
    The list of released patches appears in the table on the page.
  4. To download offline documentation and help for the product, click Documentation on the product EPD links page.
    To make Help available to application users, you must install it on a computer that is running a web server, which is typically a different computer from the computer on which the application is installed. You can install the Help system on the computer on which you have installed BMC Remedy Mid Tier.  For details, see Installing offline documentation.

To download the BMC Remedy hotfixes

After you install BMC Remedy Action Request System 9.1.00, service packs, or patches, BMC recommends that you apply the latest hotfixes.

 To download the recommended hotfixes
  1. In the web browser, access the ARRecommendedFixes ftp site that is listed in the Knowledge Article 000164912.
    You must log in with your BMC Support ID to access the knowledge article.
  2. The ftp index page is displayed.
  3. Click the link for the component that you want to upgrade. For example, Server/.

    The list of versions is displayed.
  4. Click the link for the version that you want to download the hotfix for. For example, 18.02 (

    The list of hotfix packages is displayed.

    The following table lists the hotfix codes along with their meanings.

    Hotfix codeMeaning
    SEEmail Engine
    SRAR Server
    SOLibs and DLLs (Legacy)
    DSDev Studio
    AIAtrium Integrator
    AUIAtrium User Interface (CMDB)
    CMDBConfiguration Management Database
    NENormalization Engine
    REReconciliation Engine
    MTMid Tier
    RSSORemedy Single Sign-On
    ARJDBCSmart Reporting ARJDBC
  5. Download and apply the hotfixes for each component that you use.


    You can read through the associated Readme file to decide whether to apply a hotfix. The Readme file also contains the instructions for applying the hotfix.

Remedy ITSM Suite product installers for version 9.1.04 installation files

The following table lists the installers for the products in the Remedy ITSM Suite. The links listed in this table directly take you to the respective installation pages on the BMC EPD website. The EPD links provided in the following table enables you to download installer for products, patches, and documentation for the given product from a single pane. You can also review the license information for each product on the same page. This list does not represent the order in which you must run the installers. For the order, see Installing or Upgrading.

List of installers

The following installers install the same components on primary and secondary servers.

Product or componentEPD link to product or componentDescription of content
BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System
Remedy AR System serverRemedy AR System server installers


The link downloads the following products and components:

  • Remedy AR System server:
    • Remedy AR System server
    • Remedy Email Engine
    • Remedy Approval Server
    • Assignment Engine
    • Flashboards
    • Full Text Search (FTS)
    • AR External Authentication (AREA) LDAP
    • AR System Database Connectivity (ARDBC) LDAP
    • Web Services
    • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • Remedy Mid Tier components:
    • Remedy Mid Tier
    • Apache Tomcat JSP engine
    • (Windows only) ARWebReportViewer application
      Note: Install Remedy AR System server and Remedy Mid Tier on separate computers for better performance.

  • Remedy Developer Studio (and the Localization Toolkit)
  • Remedy Data Import
  • Atrium Integrator Spoon
    Note: The clients can be installed on Windows only; they are not available for Linux or UNIX. The Atrium Integrator Spoon is a client side, user installable graphical user interface application which is used to design transformations and jobs. These transformations and jobs are saved, and then accessed and executed by the Atrium Integrator adapter for BMC Remedy AR System. The Spoon client also allows you to define and create the AR Connection modules which enable the transformations to use AR Systerm database transactions.

  • Remedy AR System ConfigChecker
  • Remedy Smart Reporting console
  • BMC Remedy Single Sign-On for authenticating users

Note: Atrium web services can be installed on the primary server or a separate server but not on a secondary server.

Remedy security
Remedy Encryption SecurityRemedy Encryption Performance Security installer


Installs BMC Remedy Encryption Premium Security.

BMC Atrium Core
BMC Atrium Core

BMC Atrium Core installer

Installs the following product and features:

  • BMC Atrium CMDB
  • Reconciliation Engine
  • Normalization Engine
     You cannot install BMC Atrium CMDB on a remote AR System server. You must install BMC Atrium CMDB on the computer on which BMC Remedy AR System is installed.
  • BMC Atrium Core Web Services
  • BMC Atrium Core Web Registry
     Install BMC Atrium CMDB on a computer other than the one on which BMC Atrium Core Web Services and BMC Atrium Core Web Registry are installed. Also, install BMC Atrium Core Web Services and BMC Atrium Core Web Registry on the same computer.
  • BMC Atrium Integrator server
    Note: Install BMC Atrium Integrator server on the computer on which you have installed BMC Remedy AR System server.
  • Atrium Integrator client.

    Note: The Atrium Integrator client is supported only on Windows. You cannot install the Atrium Integrator client on the same computer on which the Atrium Integrator server is installed.

BMC Configuration, Incident, and Change Management 
BMC Configuration Drift ManagementBMC Configuration Drift Management installer

Installs the following features:

  • Drift Management Application
  • Change Management Extension
  • Incident Management Extension
Remedy IT Service Management products
Remedy ITSM core applications

Remedy ITSM Applications (Service Desk/Change Management/Asset Management/Knowledge Management)


Installs the following products:

  • BMC Service Desk (includes BMC Incident Management and BMC Problem Management)
  • BMC Change Management
  • BMC Asset Management
  • BMC Knowledge Management
BMC Service Level Management
BMC Service Level Management

BMC Service Level Management installer

Installs the following components:

  • BMC Service Level Management Primary Server
  • Installs the BMC Service Level Management Collection Point

Note: Because this product is also available independent of the ITSM solution, the provided link also contains other BMC Remedy ITSM products. You must download only BMC Service Level Management installer at this point.

BMC Service Request Management
BMC Service Request ManagementBMC Service Request Management installerInstalls the BMC Service Request Management.
Other components and add-ons
Remedy ITSM Process DesignerRemedy IT Service Management Process DesignerInstalls the Process Designer.
Remedy Migrator

Remedy Migrator installer


This component is required if you plan to perform a staged upgrade. For information, see Planning an upgrade and Migrating delta data.

Note: Always download and install the latest BMC Remedy Migrator version available when you are migrating delta data.

Additional language packsRespective installers

You can install additional language packs during or after installation.

Minimum set of features needed to install other BMC products

Refer to the following table for the set of components or features that need to be installed to enable a BMC component. For full system requirements, see the Compatibility matrix.

ComponentComponents or features that need to be installed
BMC Atrium Core
  • AR System server
  • BMC Remedy Mid Tier
  • Approval Server
  • Assignment Engine
  • Atrium Integrator Spoon
  • Atrium Integrator
  • AR System server
  • BMC Atrium Core
  • BMC Remedy Mid Tier
  • Approval Server
  • Assignment Engine
  • Atrium Integrator Spoon
  • Full Text Search (FTS) Configuration if you plan to install BMC Knowledge Management
  • Atrium Integrator
BMC Service Request Management
  • AR System server
  • BMC Atrium Core
  • BMC Remedy Mid Tier
  • BMC Remedy Approval Server
  • Assignment Engine
  • Atrium Integrator Spoon
  • Atrium Integrator
  • BMC Remedy ITSM
BMC Service Level Management
  • AR System server
  • BMC Atrium Core
  • BMC Remedy Mid Tier

Where to go from here

Next task

When you have finished downloading the installers, start with the appropriate process:

  • For fresh installation of Remedy, start with Installation
  • To upgrade the existing Remedy, start with Upgrading .
Up to process

When you have finished downloading the installers, return to the Planning process.

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Hotfixes for Remedy AR System

Remedy Mid Tier: Knowledge Article number 000368734

Remedy Email Engine: Knowledge Article number 000368733

Remedy Approval Server: Knowledge Article number 000368732

Remedy AR System Server: Knowledge Article number 000368731

Hotfix for BMC CMDB

BMC CMDB: Knowledge Article number 000370995

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