This documentation supports the 9.1 version of BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment.

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This section contains information about deployment-related enhancements to the Remedy platform and Remedy applications. 

Enhancements in version 9.1.0 4

To learn about the new feature relevant to upgrade and install processes, see the Enhancements listed on this page.

To learn about new features added to version 9.1.04, see Enhancements in the IT Service Management Suite 9.1.04

Known and corrected issues

For a list of known issues and issues corrected in version 9.1.04, see the following topics:

Downloading version 9.1.0 4

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files

Installing version 9.1.04

If you are installing the product for the first time, see Installing.

If you are installing version 9.1.04 as an upgrade, see Upgrading.

To install version 9.1.04, see the following topics:


Zero-downtime upgrade enhancements

  • Easier upgrade with additional automation: Several manual steps (such as removing the back up folders, metadata, and obsolete FTS collections, as well as enabling FTS index, and algorithms for password encryption etc)  are automated to make the zero-downtime (ZDT) upgrade more efficient and less error prone.


    Zero-downtime upgrade is supported for the platform components (AR, Atrium Core, and AI) only.

    To prepare for the zero-downtime upgrade of the platform components, see Preparing for zero-downtime upgrade of the platform

  • Rollback: If for some reason the upgrade fails, the platform components and the file system are rolled back to the earlier version. After resolving the issues that failed the ZDT upgrade, you can restart the upgrade process. Until you restart the upgrade process the DB remains in the upgraded version but it does not cause any interruptions in the normal operations. If automatic rollback fails due to power outage or for some reason, run the rollback utility manually. For information on rollback mechanism, see Troubleshooting installer failure during upgrade
  • Zero-downtime upgrade in a non-server group environment: Zero-downtime upgrade is supported in a non-server group environment. When you a perform zero-downtime upgrade in a non-server group environment, the installer automatically adds all the upgraded servers to the server group. If there are servers that were not upgraded to 9.1.04 but are using the 9.1.04 database, those servers will not be added to the server group.

Simplified patch and hotfix deployment

Remedy Deployment Manager is enhanced to simplify the hotfix and patch deployment. 

    • You no longer need to run the installers in multiple environments of Development, QA, and Production.
    • In a server group, when you apply packages on a primary server, the changes provided through the patch or hotfix are applied on all secondary servers automatically. You do not need to run the installers on the secondary servers.

For information on hotfixes and patches  that are delivered through binary payload, see  Applying hotfix and patch packages

Remedy Smart Reporting deployment enhancements

  • Configuration check utility: The Remedy Smart Reporting installer invokes the configuration check utility. When you run the installer, it performs the pre upgrade checks for Remedy Smart Reporting. If your system fails to meet any upgrade pre requisites, the installer panel notifies you about the validation failure. For details about the pre upgrade checks, see BMC Remedy Smart Reporting checks .
  • Data Collection utility: Beginning with version 9.1.04, you do not have to run the Data Collection utility; it is now part of the Remedy Smart Reporting installer. The installer is enhanced to bring the onboarding data of 9.1.01 and older releases from the AR System forms into the Remedy Smart Reporting database. The Data Collection utility has been removed from the Remedy Smart Reporting Admin Console.
    For Remedy Smart Reporting versions 9.1.03 and 9.1.02 releases, you still have to run the Data Collection utility to get the old onboarding data into Remedy Smart Reporting. 

Remedy Configuration Check utility enhancements

The following checks are added to the Unified Data Management (UDM) checks in the Remedy Configuration Check utility:

  • An ARServer Configuration check to validate whether escalations are enabled on at least one of the AR System servers in the ARSystemServerGroupOperationRanking form.
  • A UDM plug-in configuration check to validate whether the Is Default check box is enabled for the servers configured in the UDM:Config form. 

For more information, see Unified Data Management (UDM) checks .

Upgrading BMC Remedy Mid Tier by enabling the mid tier WAR file deployment 

With Remedy AR System 9.1.04, you can now upgrade mid tier by deploying mid tier WAR file.Upgrading Remedy Mid Tier through .war file ensures less time for upgrade and minimum manual intervention. For instructions, see  Upgrading BMC Remedy Mid Tier by enabling the mid tier WAR file deployment .

What's changed in this release

Version 9.1.04 has introduced the following significant changes in the product behavior:

EnhancementProduct behavior in versions earlier than 9.1.04Product behavior in version 9.1.04
Mid Tier upgrade Mid Tier is upgraded after completing the AR upgrade.
To ensure a smooth upgrade of platform components, BMC recommends that you upgrade the Mid Tier first and then upgrade AR System server. If you want to upgrade AR System server before upgrading Mid Tier, apply the latest patch before upgrading to 9.1.04. For example, if you are upgrading from 9.0.01, apply the patch MT_90SP1_2016DEC06_CU_ALLbefore upgrading the platform to 9.1.04. Contact BMC Support to obtain the patch.

If you start with the AR System server 9.1.04 upgrade before applying the patch or upgrading Mid Tier, you might receive a Caught exception message. As a workaround, flush the Mid Tier cache or sync cache and then start with the AR System server upgrade.
Platform and application components upgrade in a server groupWhen you perform staged or in-place upgrade, platform and application components are upgraded on the primary server and then move on to the secondary servers.Whether staged or in-place upgrade, upgrade the platform components on all the servers of a server group and then start upgrading the application components.
FlashboardsYou must manually install, start, and stop the flashboard servers.Flashboards are run automatically through armonitor for UNIX. To stop the Flashboard server, see see Starting or stopping the Flashboards server.
Database sharing amongst multiple serversAR System Servers that are not part of a server group can share a single database.

Multiple AR System servers can not share the same database without being part of a server group.

To share a database among multiple AR System servers in a server group environment, enable the cache replication ports (40001 and 40002) between all servers. 

Non-server group upgradeWhen you perform upgrade in a non-server group environment, the upgraded server is not added to the server group.

When you perform upgrade in a non-server group environment, the installer automatically adds the upgraded server to the server group.

For example, if you have only one server which is is not in a server group, the server group property is enabled after the upgrade. Similarly, if you perform fresh installation in a single server environment, server group property is enabled on the server after the installation.

Upgrade timeAs the archgid calls are in large numbers, ITSM suite upgrade on a primary machine takes more time.

In this release, ITSM suite upgrade time on a primary machine is reduced by 20 minutes as the archgid calls are reduced.

Related topics

For complete information about enhancements and issues corrected in version 9.1.04, see the release notes for each component.

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  • BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 9.1.04
  • BMC Service Request Management 9.1.04
  • BMC Service Level Management 9.1.04
  • BMC Remedy Single Sign-On 9.1.04

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