This documentation supports the 9.0 version of BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment.

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Server statistics for baseline data

You can use the Server Statistics form to gather statistical information about the performance and operation of your server. This form is automatically installed when you install BMC Remedy AR System. The form gathers statistics about the time spent in various types of calls and the number of operations being performed in the system. In addition, it contains information about the number of current users and the number of bad password login attempts.

Server Statistics form (top 1/3 of screen)

(Click the image to expand it.)

When activated, the AR System server creates an entry that contains the current value of all the server statistics at an interval you specify. The statistics can be gathered at the server level (summarized across all queues) or at a per-queue level. The fields in the Server Statistics form record the same information that the ARGetServerStatistics function records.


  • There is no performance issue even if the server statistics collection is enabled for long periods of time.
  • For server statistics, log entries are created only when an API call is made.

To record server statistics for baseline data

  1. Update the Server Statistics settings on Advanced tab of the AR System Administration: Server Information form. (See  Setting performance and security options )


    You can also record statistics by updating the Server-Stats-Rec-Mode and Server-Stats-Rec-Interval options of the ar.conf (ar.cfg) file.

  2. To view the statistics, open the Server Statistics form in Search mode, specify the criteria for the recording you want, and click the Search button.

    For a complete list of the fields, options and their descriptions, see the  ARGetServerStatistics  function.

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