This documentation supports the 9.0 version of BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment.

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Restrictions after restoring the database on the upgrade server

The following topics are provided:


Do not perform the following activities on your production server until the upgrade and delta data migration are completed successfully.

Tasks that should not be performed after backup

ApplicationTasks you should not perform
BMC Remedy AR System (general)
  • Do not create or modify the following objects:
    • Forms
    • Workflow
    • Fields
  • BMC strongly recommends that you not perform any data-deletion activities in your current production environment during the delta period. For example, do not drop users, change support groups for a person, delete permissions, change login IDs, and so on. If you must perform a deletion for any reason, see Deleting orphan records after delta data migration before you proceed.

BMC Atrium Core (all versions)

Do not create or modify the following objects:

  • Classes
  • Any federation sources
BMC Service Level Management

Do not perform the following actions:

  • Create, modify, or delete contracts, agreements, or the data source section of configuration data
  • Make changes to any collector-related configuration data
BMC Remedy ITSM Suite (when upgrading from 7.0.3 to later versions)

Do not create or update any of the following contracts:

  • Support
  • Warranty
  • Lease
  • Maintenance
  • Software License
  • License Management Exceptions

Do not create or update any of the following forms:

  • APR:Approver Lookup (approval mappings)
  • APR:SYS-Approval Definition (approval process definition)
BMC Service Request Management

Do not make changes to the following items:

  • Any of the BMC Service Request Management configurations in the Application Administration Console, including changes to categories, approval mappings, or entitlements.

  • Request Catalog entries including service request definitions, process definition templates and application object templates.

Do not create or modify approval chains for service requests.


If you are upgrading BMC Service Request Management from version 2.2 to 7.6.02 or earlier, then all service requests in the Waiting Approval state must be approved or rejected before you run the Delta Data Migration tool.

BMC Process DesignerDo not edit any processes.

Field Customizations

If any custom field or selection values are added to an out-of-the box or custom field on the production server after the database is copied to the staging server (during the delta period), you must manually apply those changes on the staging server. If you do not do so, records with values in those fields will not migrate, and you will see an error similar this:

10/17/2011 23:14:12 2336 *ERROR* Migrations 23:14:12 : [4]-[306]-[Value does not fall within the limits specified for the field (1000 ... 23000) : 1000000150]

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