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Reconciling AR customizations

When you upgrade applications or system components, some objects that you have overlaid might be deleted, which means that your overlay is deleted as well. Similarly, some of your customizations might interfere with the upgraded behavior. You must reconcile these customizations before using the application.

The following topics will guide you through the reconciliation process:

Quick start

The following graphic is a quick start guide to the reconciliation process. 

Before you begin

You must provision for a Dev and a QA server. Both these servers should have the same components installed as you have on your production server. However, you need not have the same data and same number of users. 


If you do not have a QA server, you can migrate the customization from the Dev server.  

Reconciliation stages

StepActionRelated information
1Capture a snapshot of your current environment

You must take a snapshot of your current server before upgrading it so that you can compare it later with the upgraded server for reconciliation.

See, Capturing a snapshot of your current environment.


Upgrade your Development server

See, Setting up upgrade development server.

3Perform AR reconciliation

You can perform the reconciliation using the Developer Studio.

See, Performing AR reconciliation.


Upgrade your QA server

See, Setting up upgrade QA server.

5Migrate reconciled customization to the QA server

See, Migrating customizations.


Proceed with the staging production upgrade

During the upgrade process you must migrate the customizations as part of the postupgrade procedures.

Note: You must migrate the customizations before you perform the first delta data migration.

See, Setting up staging production server.

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