This documentation supports the 9.0 version of BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment.

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Recommendations and disk space requirements for databases

To avoid a decline in BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System server performance, consider the BMC recommendations and disk space requirements listed in this topic.


  • Do not use a firewall between the AR System server and database tiers. Doing so can impact performance significantly.
  • When possible, set up a high-speed backbone between the AR System server and the database server.
  • If using Ethernet, install the AR System server and the database server on a separate switched network that is isolated from other network traffic.
  • Avoid putting a WAN between the AR System server and the database server.
  • Make sure that each network device between the AR System server and the database server is communicating at the maximum bandwidth.
  • If you plan to install BMC Atrium CMDB or BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) applications in addition to BMC Remedy AR System, the following minimum space is required:
    • 2 GB for the data file
    • 1 GB for log and temp files

Disk space requirements for databases

When you install more than one BMC Remedy ITSM application, add 2 GB to the data file size and 100 MB to the log file size for each additional application.

BMC recommends at least 2 GB of disk space for the database. Depending on the number of records your system handles and the specific type of database you are using, however, you might need more space. If you do not have 2 GB or more before beginning the installation, you might run out of free space during installation. As the transaction log fills up, BMC Remedy AR System suspends operation. When the transaction log is completely full, BMC Remedy AR System writes a message to the BMC Remedy AR System error log and the installation is terminated.


  • The installer displays a warning message indicating the required space for additional installation of BMC Atrium CMDB or BMC Remedy ITSM applications.
  • If the transaction log fills during the installation, and the installation fails, clear the transaction log, and then increase its size before reinstalling the product.
  • A common issue is that a router's Auto Negotiate option can incorrectly set the router to 10 MB Half Duplex. NICs, routers, and other network devices then agree on the fastest speed to communicate with one another, but that speed is usually too slow. To remove this variable, if all the network devices can communicate at 1 GB Full Duplex, set them as such, and disable the Auto Negotiate option on the router.

For technical assistance with installing your database, contact the database vendor.

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