This documentation supports the 9.0 version of BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment.

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Escalations stop running after upgrading in server group environment

After you have successfully upgraded the BMC Remedy AR System server, if the escalation don't work, you must enable the Disable-Escalations-Global configuration setting. You must set the Disable-Escalations-Global configuration setting parameter to F. See,  Configuration settings C-D  in BMC Remedy AR System documentation.

In a server group environment this configuration setting is shared among all the servers. If you set this parameter on any one of the server, it will be applicable for all the servers.

For a non-server group environment, this parameter is same as Disable-Escalations. If you configure Disable-Escalations configuration parameter, Disable-Escalations-Global is automatically updated with the same value and vice-versa.

The Disable-Escalations-Global configuration setting parameter is disabled (set to T) in the following scenarios:

  • In a 9.x server group environment you have removed one of the secondary servers out of server group wherein, it still points to same database as the Server Group. You set Disable Escalations to T. As a result, Disable-Escalations-Global parameter is set to T. Due to this none of the escalations work in server group environment.
  • In non-server group environment , you set Disable-Escalations parameter to T and Disable-Escalations-Global parameter to T. If you edit the ar.cfg and change the parameter Disable-Escalations parameter to F, Centralized Configuration does not update the global parameter Disable-Escalations-Global  to F; it only updates the local parameter Disable-Escalations to F and thus the escalations work will not work in your environment.
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