This documentation supports the 9.0 version of BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment.

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Enable upgrade tracking using the Call Home functionality

Review the following topics to understand how you can track your upgrade sequence

You can track the sequence of your upgrade by enabling the Call Home functionality. This functionality is available after you upgrade BMC Remedy AR System sever. It tracks the sequence of upgrade activities performed by various plugins, tools, and components.

This information is sent to BMC Support and is also saved locally on your computer in the AR System Upgrade Tracker form. This information is sent to BMC only when you enable the Call Home functionality which, resides with BMC for next 90 days and is then deleted. 

BMC Support uses this information for their primary analysis in case of an upgrade failure.  This information is used to identify the exact stage where you might have a skipped a step in the upgrade process, or might have followed the wrong sequence that may have caused the upgrade to fail. 

Information tracked and saved in the AR System Upgrade Tracker form

The following information about your upgrade is tracked when you enable the Call Home feature:

  • Component name
  • Component status
  • Component version
  • Description 
  • Execution completion time
  • Execution start time 
  • Server connect name 
  • Server name

To enable the Call Home functionality

  1. Open the BMC AR System Administration Console.
  2. Open the General > Server Information page. 
  3. Click on the Call Home tab. 
  4. Select I am willing to share upgrade related data with BMC
  5. Enter you BMC Support credentials. 
  6. Click OK

To resubmit the information

  1. Open the AR System Upgrade Tracker form. 
    You can access the form using the following URL:
    http://localhost:8080/arsys/forms/<AR Server name>/AR System Upgrade Tracker
  2. Remove the ID from the Return Request ID field blank. 
  3. Save the form. Information is resend to BMC after two hours.

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