This documentation supports the 9.0 version of BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Common uninstallation issues

  • On Microsoft Windows, if you see no CPU activity for an hour or more, check the AR System server log, arerror.log, for any crashes or errors. For more information about arerror.log, see  AR System server logging   in BMC Atrium Core online documentation.
  • On UNIX, if you see a message that the BMC Remedy AR System is terminated, search for a stack trace for crashes or errors.
  • (BMC Atrium Core 7.6.04 SP2) If the uninstallation process for BMC Atrium Core Web Services was performed improperly or in the incorrect order, the Active Matrix Administrator directory might be left with a path name that exceeds 255 characters. Attempting to delete the directory results in an error because Windows might not allow the deletion of directories with path names longer than 255 characters.
  • On UNIX, if the AC uninstaller fails to launch where multiple Java versions are installed, make sure you set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to Java 1.8. Doing this the uninstaller picks the correct version from the environment and executes the uninstaller.

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