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Upgrading to BMC Remedy ITSM Process Designer 8.3.04

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Before you begin

  • You can upgrade to BMC Remedy ITSM Process Designer 8.3.04 from any version that is 7.6.04 SP2 or later. 
  • Download the installation files. See, Downloading the installation files.
  • Apply the BMC AR System Midtier hot fix available with the BMC AR System 8.1.00 SP1 installer. There are different hot fixes if you are upgrading from 8.1.00, 8.0.00, 7.6.04SP5, 7.6.04 SP4, 7.6.04 SP3, or 7.6.04 SP2.

Upgrading BMC Remedy ITSM Process Designer 8.3.04

  1. Download the BMC Remedy ITSM Process Designer installer from EPD.
  2. Unzip the installer.
  3. Navigate to the Disk 1 folder.
  4. Start the installer.
    • For Windows, run setup.exe.
    • For UNIX, log in as root and run setup.bin.
      When installing the application on UNIX, BMC recommends performing the installation as a root user. However, you can perform the installation as a non-root user. If you choose to install the application as a non-root user, you must log on to the UNIX system under the same UNIX user ID that was used to install BMC Remedy AR System.
  5. In the Welcome panel, click Next.
  6. Review the license agreement, click I agree to the terms of license agreement, and then click Next.
  7. In the BMC Remedy AR System User Inputs panel, perform the following actions and then click Next:
    1. Verify that the administrator name and password are correct.
      Modify them as needed.
    2. Verify the AR System TCP Port.
      By default it is set to 0.
    3. Verify the AR System server name.
  8. In the Directory Selection panel, verify the default installation directory and then click Next.
    Navigate to the directory in which you want to install BMC Remedy ITSM Suite. The default locations areC:\Program Files\BMC Software\ProcessDesigner (Windows) and/opt/bmc/ProcessDesigner (UNIX or Linux).
  9. In the Localized Views and Data panel, verify if English is selected and then click Next
  10. In the Process Designer Integration and Selection panel verify if the only the components you want to integrate are selected and click Next
  11. In the Installation Preview panel, verify the installation details and then click Install.

Upgrading BMC Remedy ITSM Process Designer remotely

BMC does not support remote installation of BMC Remedy ITSM Process Designer. However, if you attempt to perform the remote installation, the installer fails to register the plugin and you will have to manually register the plugin. See, Manually registering application plugins for BMC Remedy ITSM Suite

Troubleshooting upgrade issues

  • Upgrade from 8.3.03 to 8.3.04, takes more time because the field and view IDs were not in BMC range in 8.3.03, and the archgid is used to convert these ids and thier related workflows to corrected range before upgrading to 8.3.04.
  • If you are upgrading to 8.3.04 from any earlier version, and you have done some customizations without using the best practice mode, the customizations will get overwritten after upgrade. You must take a manual the backup of such customization manually before the upgrade.

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Uninstalling BMC Remedy ITSM Process Designer 8.3.04

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