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Understanding application server passwords

All application servers must use a password to connect to the BMC Remedy AR System server. When you install BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System, you must set the following application server passwords:

  • Local DSO User Password — Password required to use Distributed Server Option (DSO)
  • Application Service Password — Password for features such as Email Engine and Flashboards
  • Mid-Tier Administration Password — Password that the mid tier uses to access the AR System server

If any applications that use the application server passwords are already installed, ensure that the passwords you enter match the passwords for the corresponding applications. If a password does not match, the application will fail. The application server passwords are case-sensitive. To avoid authentication failures, you must not exceed 20 characters for your application passwords.


When you work with server groups, use the same DSO and Application Service password for all servers in the group.

When you install the AR System server, the installer sets the application server passwords in the ar.cfg (Microsoft Windows) or ar.conf (UNIX) file, and in the configuration files for any of the application servers that are installed at the same time. To change or set application server passwords after installation, you must make the change for the BMC Remedy AR System server and for the appropriate application server. To change an application server password on the AR System server, from the BMC Remedy AR System Administration Console, open the AR System Administration: Server Information form, and go to the Connection Settings tab.

If you change an application server password on the AR System server after installation, you must also change the corresponding password for the application server:

  • Mid Tier Administrator — Titled the "Admin Password" in the Mid Tier Configuration Tool
  • Email Engine — Updated in the file
  • Application Service for the Flashboards server
  • DSO

If you plan to use AR System server 8.1 with an older mid tier (for example, if you are upgrading your server but will continue to use an earlier mid tier while you test the new AR System server), set the administrator password for the earlier mid tier server. To do so, log on to the BMC Remedy Mid Tier Configuration Tool, click the AR Server Settings link, and add the password to that server.

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Configuring a password for the DSO user

Enabling the DSO user to communicate with its local BMC Remedy AR System server by configuring a password for it.

The DSO server performs all operations as an internal BMC Remedy AR System user with these attributes:

  • DSO user name: Distributed Server
  • License type: AR User Fixed

The Distributed Server user has controlled permissions and a locked name. It does not require additional licensing.

Configuring the AR Server Settings page

Configuring the AR Server Settings page using the following information:
  • AR Server Settings parameters
  • Adding or deleting a server
  • Editing server properties

Configuring the Connection Settings page

Configuring the Connection Settings page, which enables you to configure the load balancer between BMC Remedy Mid Tier servers and the BMC Remedy AR System servers without a "sticky bit." The following information is provided:

  • Parameters to support load balancers between BMC Remedy Mid Tier and server group without a sticky bit
  • Connection Pool Settings parameters
  • Connection Pool Status parameters
Installing BMC Remedy ITSM SuiteThe installation flow required to install a server group for BMC Remedy AR System, BMC Atrium Core, and BMC Remedy ITSM products.

Configuring the Change Password page

Changing the password used to access the Mid Tier Configuration Tool. file

The file, which is created in the Email Engine installation directory when the Email Engine is installed. The file is populated with the name of your organization's email server, user name, and password. The main purpose of the file is to identify the AR System server your Email Engine communicates with.

Resetting the Application Service password

Resetting the Application Service password. If you change the Application Service password on the AR System Administration: Server Information form after you install Flashboards, you must run the Flashboards driver to reset the password before running the BMC Remedy Flashboards server again. If you do not reset the password, the BMC Remedy Flashboards server will not be able to log onto the BMC Remedy AR System server.


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