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Troubleshooting BMC Service Level Management issues

This section provides information on issues related to installation or upgrade of BMC Service Request Management, as well as troubleshooting information. The following table provides links to the topics and brief descriptions of the issues.

Topic Issue
Manually registering application plug-ins for BMC Service Request Management Product plug-ins are installed and registered as part of the installation. If an error occurs during plug-in registration, you must register the plug-ins manually.
Resolving errors with default currency settings for BMC Service Level Management The default currency utility is run as part of the application installation and generates the arcurrencydefault.log and arcurrencydefault_error.log files. Errors are recorded in these log files.

Related topics

Refer to To know about
Application installation and upgrade known and corrected issues Known and corrected issues in BMC Service Level Management.
Troubleshooting section in the BMC Service Level Management 8.1 space. Issues that are not listed here or issues related to the other features of BMC Service Level Management.

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