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Setting up a staging server

The section provides the information and steps for implementing a staging environment for upgrade.

Step Action Additional information
1. Understand the staging environment implementation for upgrade

Decide the type of staging server you want to use:

  • Accelerated
  • Duplicated
2. Review the restrictions after restoring the database on the staging server

Do not perform the described activities in your production server until the upgrade and delta data migration are completed successfully.


Set up an accelerated staging server

If you are upgrading using the accelerated staging server method, you must create a copy of the production server database in the staging environment. The BMC Remedy AR System server installation must then be done on the staging server against the copy of the production server database.

You must run the installer in Install mode so that the AR System server is upgraded, not reinstalled.

Set up a duplicated staging server

If you are upgrading using the duplicated staging server method, you must create an exact duplicate of your production server. Before starting the upgrade, you must install the AR System server and all of the BMC Remedy IT Service Management suite applications and components, and any other applications such as BMC Service Impact Manager, Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk, or BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management. 

You must run the installer in Upgrade mode.


(If are using the duplicated staging server)

Duplicate the production server database for upgrade

Ensure that you record the time at which you perform the backup.

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