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Preparing the source and destination servers

After the upgrade is complete and customizations are reapplied, the environment is ready for delta data migration. Perform the following procedures to prepare your source and destination servers for the delta data migration (DDM).

1.Perform the server configuration adjustmentsLeave the configuration as is until you complete DDM. After the final DDM run is completed, you must revert the previous changes to their original state.
2.Resolve issues before performing the migrationBefore performing the migration, resolve any issues that have been identified.
3.Estimate total data size and delta data migration run timeUse the AREntryCounter utility to estimate total data size and DDM run time. The utility allows you to get the number of entries in the forms that are part of the DDM package. 
4.Load KMS:Associations form dataPerform this procedure only if you are running Knowledge Management System 7.5.x, or earlier, on your production server.

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