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Post-upgrade procedures for BMC Remedy AR System

Complete the following post-upgrade procedures before you upgrade BMC Atrium Core.

StepAdditional Information
Validate the upgrade

To validate the upgrade:

  • Review the log files.
  • Create a zip file of the logs by using the Maintenance tool.
  • Perform a health check by using the Maintenance tool.

See Working with logs.

Adjust customizationsBMC highly recommends that you adjust your customizations and assign the appropriate overlay type to the objects' granular sections before proceeding with the BMC Remedy AR System application upgrade.
If you are upgrading from BMC Remedy AR System 7.6.04 with view overlays present, perform the post-upgrade stepsPerform the post-upgrade procedures before you start using the view overlay with the upgraded AR System server.
Compare objects after you upgraded with overlays already present

To check for differences between two sets of objects, use BMC Remedy Migrator. To examine the different objects to determine whether you will need to merge changes, use BMC Remedy Developer Studio.

For a list of all of the overlay objects that were modified in the latest release, obtain the Snapshot utility (a Developer Studio plug-in). This unsupported utility is available on the BMC Developer Network.

Disable ServletExec after the upgrade(Windows or UNIX) If you are upgrading and you do not want to use the ServletExec application server, follow the instructions in this section to disable it.
Perform the Approval Server postupgrade stepsIf you upgraded BMC Remedy Approval Server after backing up your data and customizations, perform the steps described in this section.
Perform the developer Studio post-upgrade proceduresEnsure that the correct plug-ins are in the DeveloperStudio folder.
Enable LDAP plug-ins for SSL connections post-upgradeTo enable LDAP plug-ins for SSL connections in configured networks after an upgrade, you must add an LDAP certificate to the certificate database for SSL communication.
Perform the IPv6 postupgrade steps

You must update Java paths and configuration after upgrading and changing from IPv4 to IPv6.

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