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Post-upgrade procedures for BMC Atrium Core

Validate the upgrade

To validate the upgrade:

  • Review the log files
  • Create a zip file of the log files by using the maintenance tool
  • Perform a health check

See Working with logs.

Review upgrade log filesThe installer writes status messages to a log file, giving a detailed account of all changes made to your data model during the upgrade. If the upgrade fails and you must run the installer again, the installer resumes after the last operation it completed, rather than repeating operations that have already been completed.
Identify duplicated recordsThe upgrade of BMC Atrium CMDB can result in duplicate records of the same virtual system. To identify those duplicate records, the upgrade installer launches a postupgrade utility called vzUtil.
Enable entries in the armonitor and ar configuration filesEnable the entries that you commented out before the upgrade.
Delete obsolete directories after upgrade

When you upgrade from version 7.5 or later, you must choose a new installation directory for the upgrade that is not below the BMC_AR_SYSTEM_HOME directory. 

The old installation directory is now obsolete and must be deleted to avoid confusion. 

Clean up normalized CI relationshipsThe datamig utility cleans up the configuration items (CIs) in the staging datasets for which relationship names are normalized following the old best-practice relationship rules. Impact relationships are generated following the old best-practice impact normalization rules.

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