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Post-upgrade activities

After you upgrade components in your BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) Suite, you must perform certain activities to remove the inconsistencies that occurred during the upgrade, or to rebuild your customizations. This section provides information about the following activities:

Post-upgrade activityDescription
Reconcile customizationsWhen you upgrade applications or system components, some objects that you have overlaid might be deleted, which means that your overlay is deleted as well. Similarly, some of your customizations might interfere with the upgraded behavior. You must reconcile these customizations before using the application.
Rebuilding customizations before deleting BMC Remedy ITSM attributes from BMC Atrium CMDBYou must rebuild your customizations before you can delete all of the BMC Remedy ITSM attributes from BMC Atrium CMDB, while performing an upgrade. This topic provides information about the customizations that are affected by the upgrade, and instructions for rebuilding them. 
Rebuild the join forms that were deleted before the upgrade This topic describes the procedure to rebuild the join forms that were deleted before an upgrade.
Rerunning the Prefix Manager in a Hub and Spoke environment If your system is configured for a Hub and Spoke capability, after you perform an upgrade to your BMC Remedy ITSM suite on the hub and spoke servers, you must rerun the Prefix Manager.
Update BMC Remedy Knowledge Management for popular articlesBMC Remedy Knowledge Management version 8.0 and later includes an integration with BMC Service Request Management that displays the most popular articles in the Request Entry console. The popularity of an article is determined by its rating, use count, and number of views. By default, popularity is calculated only for articles created in version 8.0 and later. This topic describes the procedure to include pre-8.0 articles in popularity calculations.
Remaining postupgrade activitiesAfter you complete the activities described in the preceding topics, perform the remaining activities listed in this topic.

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