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Minimize overlays

You should remove all overlays that are the same as the object that they overlay, and all overlays that contain changes that are no longer needed. This reduces the number of customizations that must be maintained during future application upgrades.


 Overlays that are identical to their overlaid objects might exist if you converted any prefixed or suffixed objects.

If you restored the origin objects to StagingServer, you can compare your overlay to the origin objects.

This figure shows the removal of an unneeded overlay, item 7. Note that removal of the overlay exposes the origin object.

To minimize your overlays

  1. If you have already performed this task, use BMC Remedy Migrator to compare overlaid object to their overlays directly on StagingServer, and then delete the objects that are identical.
    If you did not perform this task, then the overlays and overlaid objects on StagingServer are identical, except for those that previously had prefixes or suffixes. Set Migrator difference mask options, and use BMC Remedy Migrator to compare the overlaid objects on StagingServer to the same objects on ReferenceServer. If they are identical, you can remove the overlay on StagingServer.


    When removing overlays, be careful of workflow objects. Disabled workflow objects are not identical to enabled ones, even if all other aspects are the same.

  2. If you have overlays that are not identical to the origin object but that contain changes that you no longer want to keep, delete those overlay objects.

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