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Migrating delta data


Carefully review the Restrictions after restoring the database on the staging server. If you performed any of those tasks, you are not ready to migrate delta data. 

Delta data refers to any data changes that occur on the production server during the upgrade of the staging server. You can migrate delta data by using the Delta Data Migration tool.


BMC recommends that you install the Delta Data Migration tool on a computer other than where you have BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System installed.

The following table lists the high-level steps for performing delta data migration (DDM).

1.Understand the supported migration pathReview the table to find the earliest version from which a component can be migrated to the current version.
2.Review the infrastructure requirementsReview the minimum infrastructure requirements for system and database migration.
3.Install BMC Remedy MigratorThe Delta Data Migration tool is installed with BMC Remedy Migrator.
4.Prepare the source and destination serverAfter the upgrade is complete and customizations are reapplied, the environment is ready for DDM. Perform the described procedures to prepare your source and destination servers for the delta data migration.
5.Perform the data migrationYou can run the Delta Data Migration tool one time or multiple times. BMC recommends that you run the tool at least twice: before you start your production outage, and again after the production outage begins.

Review the migration results and resolve issues

7.Extend delta data migration to include customizationsYou can add custom forms to the Delta Data Migration tool so that you can migrate the data in these custom forms.
8.Complete the postmigration activitiesComplete the postmigration activities before you proceed with the next step.

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