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Issues with installing Drift Management on an Oracle database

If you are installing Drift Management on an AR System server with an Oracle database, the installation sometimes stops due to the BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System server timing out.

To install Drift Management on an Oracle database

  1. If the AR System server is slow, increase the timeout by setting the AR_SERVER_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT property to 60 minutes.
    This setting must be passed to the installer in the file.
  2. Create a new file using your favorite text editor.
    For the contents of the file, see Modifying the silent installation properties file
  3. Add the AR_SERVER_CONNECTION_TIMEOUT=60 property to the file, and then save your changes.
  4. Run the following command for the GUI installer:

    <binary> -f

    For more information, see Installing Drift Management with the GUI installer. 

  5. Use the following parameters for CLI and Silent modes.
    • For the CLI installer: <binary> -i console -f
    • For the silent installer: <binary> -i silent -f
    For more information, see  Installing Drift Management with the CLI installer and Installing Drift Management in silent mode.

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