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Issue that might arise during the Product Catalog pre-upgrade check

When you are upgrading BMC Atrium Core from a version earlier than 7.5.00, the Product Catalog Pre-upgrade check verifies that all the instance IDs of records are unique in the SYS:Message form.

In BMC Atrium Core 7.5.00, the SYS:Message Box form was modified to ensure that the records in this form had unique instance IDs. In versions earlier than 7.5.00, the instance IDs of records were not necessarily unique. Because BMC Atrium Core 8.1 requires that the instance IDs of records in the SYS:Message Box form be unique, an upgrade from a version earlier than 7.5.00 might fail if duplicate instance IDs are encountered by the Product Catalog Pre-upgrade check.

Product Catalog pre-upgrade errors are reported on the Pre-Checks for BMC Atrium Core panel with the following error message:

PC pre upgrade validation failed. It could be due to customer records that violate the form/table index constraints. check the logs for reason & take corrective action before performing upgrade.

To troubleshoot the Product Catalog Pre-upgrade check

  1. Click Previous, and in the Thread Settings panel click Next.
    This issue occurs as BMC Atrium Core installer behavior is dependent on the RIK utility output in this case. If the AR System server is busy, the RIK utility returns an error due to BMC Remedy AR System timeout that subsequently fails the pre-check that is run as part of the BMC Atrium Core upgrade installation. Clicking the Previous button and then clicking Next causes the installer to invoke the RIK call. If the AR Server is not busy again, the precheck would succeed.
  2. If the previous step does not resolve the issue, verify that all instance IDs of records in the SYS:Message Box form are unique:
    1. In the BMC Remedy User tool, open the SYS:Message Box form.
    2. Search for all records.
    3. Export the records from the search result to a .arx file.
    4. Open the .arx file in a text editor and search for identical instance IDs.
    5. Modify the instance IDs so that each is unique.
    6. Save the .arx file.
    7. Import the .arx file into the SYS:Message Box form.


      • When you import the .arx file, set Handle Duplicate Request IDs By to Update Old Record with New Record's Data, and set Match Duplicate Request By to Custom Fields.
      • Add the Message Tag and Locale fields.
      • Ensure that there are no custom duplicates rows present, with a composite key comprised of the Message Tag (1000000135) and Locale (160) fields.

After you ensure that all the instance IDs are unique, stop the upgrade and restart it. For more information, see Performing the BMC Atrium CMDB upgrade.

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