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Installing BMC Atrium Core online help

When installing the BMC Atrium Core online help, consider the following:

  • The Help system for BMC Atrium Core is installed separately from the application itself. The web server on which Help is installed does not need to be installed on the same computer as BMC Atrium Core. If you want Help to reside on a separate computer, run the Help installation programs on the web server where Help will reside.
  • BMC Atrium Core Help consists of two separately installed Help systems:
    • BMC Atrium CMDB Help—Includes information about using and configuring BMC Atrium CMDB, including BMC Atrium Product Catalog, Reconciliation Engine, Normalization Engine, and Atrium Integrator.
    • BMC Atrium Integration Engine Help
  • Help is installed on a web server and opened with URLs that are sent from BMC Atrium Core features.
  • Help can be installed without the presence of BMC Remedy Mid Tier.
  • Help is installed on a web server that is running and is launched with URLs sent from BMC Atrium Core features.
  • TCP/IP properties must be configured for resolving domains.
  • Help for BMC Atrium Integration Engine is available in English only.


You can install the Help files on Windows and UNIX platforms only.

To install BMC Atrium Core online help 

  1. Navigate to the Online Help Installer folder in the Docs directory of your installation media or download, then navigate to the directory which contains the feature Help you want to install.
  2. Start the installer for the Help system that you want to install:
    • (Microsoft Windows) Run setup.exe.
    • (UNIX) Run
  3. Enter the appropriate information when prompted by the Help installer.
    This information can include logon, server, and port information for the AR System server from which you want to install the Help.


    You must specify the correct path of the Destination folder.

  4. Review your settings; if they are correct, click Install.
    The installer copies necessary files to the installation folder, and the completion window is displayed.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for other Help systems you want to install.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.