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Infrastructure requirements for migration

The following table describes the minimum infrastructure requirements for system and database migration.

Migration system or databaseRequirements

Staging server

A clone of your production environment that you create by copying objects from your current production server. You will promote this system to your production system after the migration.

Staging server database instance

A database instance on the staging server that is sufficiently sized for production use, is compatible with the current production server database instance, and allows for restoration of a backup.

Mid tier server

A mid tier server that is sufficiently sized for production use.


It is preferable to have this Windows server on the same LAN segment. If the Windows server will reside outside of the LAN segment, BMC recommends that you deploy a separate server for the Delta Data Migration tool, and that you run that server on the same LAN segment as the current production and staging servers. Alternatively, if you do not have an additional Windows server, you can use the mid tier server as the host for BMC Remedy Migrator and the Delta Data Migration tool (which is bundled with BMC Remedy Migrator).

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